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11 June 1981
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I've done so many of these over time! Kind of feel like cutting and pasting from myspace or facebook. haha Ok, well only people who know me are going to add or be added so i dont really think i need to explain anything about myself! If anyone really wants to know you can read it on my myspace page (www.myspace.com/polekittenplay) where there is a pretty good summary of myself to be honest.

Ok, quick overview though in case anyone does wander onto here and decide i'm a fascinating read... which is highly unlikely as my life is pretty damn boring! I'm 26 now and a single mum running a business, studying at college and doing various other bits and pieces with music and drama around the place. The single mum thing isn't so bad really, i don't think i'd want anyone trying to take over as the "father" in the family now anyway so i'll keep complete control over that aspect of my life for as long as possible or until i meet someone who i think deserves to be a part of it. Anna's father lives in Australia now since moving away in April last year but we're in touch and as friendly as 2 people who used to live together can be once they've broken up and living thousands of miles away! haha

My parents are still together although my dad is 86 now... cross fingers we've got another 10 years to go but even thinking on that long timescale it seems too short. My Nanny is still around and living nearby in Lincoln so i'm close to my family still which is really where I want to be although I have travelled a lot so maybe I'm not finished yet, time will tell.

I run a pole dancing school called Pole Play, yes pole dancing, that thing where people (women AND men) learn to use their strength and flexibility to improve their confidence and learn something new and fun in the form of dance. NO not stripping. NO we're not all 6ft blonde bimbos with big breasts and NO I won't do anything to your pole so fuck off. I love my job, I love living in Lincoln and I love my friends and my family and that's all anyone needs to know except what's written day-by-day on here.

I got pointed in the direction of the site by a friend and figured it might be fun to try writing down pretty much everything that enters my head... after editing for younger viewers! hahaha That's pretty much it. Enjoy!