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well  i don't appear to have posted anything at all since the… - Pole Kitten
February 20th, 2008
03:12 pm


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well  i don't appear to have posted anything at all since the 9th February! funny that.

it seems a certain person has invaded my life for the past week or so!in fact after tonight he will have stayed at my house every night for a week... which is quite impressive really considering before about 2 weeks ago we knew very little about each other at all! i guess i just hope we don't mess things up spending too much time together... i don't know. it's all very confusing when you WANT to do something but your brain is telling you it might mess things up in the long term. i've never been very patient at waiting for things though! haha

so what's been happening since Bristol... Saturday was mostly spent travelling back up but it was quite funny saying goodbye to Barry as i don't think either of us really wanted to but i'm also not sure either of us really knew why either!

Still, somehow on Sunday we managed to end up organising a trip to the Falconry Centre just outside Lincoln with Nycky and that gave us something to do for the day. (haha on a side note... i have just been added on Facebook and msn by THE fittest girl on this planet! well i never) It was nice to get outside and do something rather than stay in or go to a bar and Anna loved seeing the animals and birds, especially the Hawk that was being flown. She just kept saying "wow!" everytime it landed on soneome's arm! i got to catch it as well which was wonderful, i love birds of prey they're so silent when they fly as well i'd forgotten that. we were looking at some chicks too and Nycky got really upset because she thought one had died, i went in to look and it really did look dead lying on the floor all still and wings spread. then about 5 seconds later it just wriggled a bit and got up! haha i was pleased when it did though. They had a lot of owls there which i was surprised about, i didn't see any Peregrine Falcons though which i'd like to have seen. Ooh, got an entertaining photo of a horse being rather rude to Barry as well! hehe

Monday... erm... what happened Monday?? Seems so long ago! haha Oh yes, despite saying something along the lines of "see you Tuesday night for pool" i ended up meeting Barry at lunchtime and then meeting him and Glenn to go on an eventful shopping trip in the evening! so much for this playing hard to get stuff i'm supposed to do *sigh* It was fun thoh, boys can't shop. note to self. boys also can't cook it turns out (William excepted of course but chefs don't count!)

Tuesday... took Barry to Playzone, crazy person I forgot it was half term so it was rammed with screaming children running riot! i think it was a bit of a shock for someone who wasn't used to children at the best of times! haha in the evening i went over to the halls in Park Court which i hadn't been to before. they're actuallyquite different to my old halls as they're flats with a few people in each. very modern as well and each has it's own bathroom. the rooms themselves are tiny though, about half the size of the ones in Doncaster but then i guess there are a lot more students to cram in here! their new common room is good though, it has a massive flat screen tv (which probably aren't as expensive as i'd be thinking!) a pool table and some random games as well as snack machines. i couldn't live in such a tiny room though!

Wednesday was Cell day and this time i got invited over to start the night in Richard's room with Barry and Glenn and Barry's brother who'd come up to visit.it was quite an experience! long story short (details can be filled in another timea s i doubt i'll forget the incidents in that room) we played Mario Kart which I hadn't played since university and Barry got a bottle in the nose which meant lots of blood and a cut that still hasn't quite healed! haha silly boys and their games. The Cell was good but it was a weird night, Valentines night to be precise and i think most people were a bit miserable about it really. I had a fun night though and without too much detail i was a happy bunny by the end :o) ooh, and Nick tried (or succeeded i have no idea!) to kiss me which was amusing but he was VERY drunk and performed a whole ballroom dancing move on me or something that would have been better suited to a scene out of Cassablanca! hahaha it all felt quite strange though and although i knew i was still single and Barry had already told me a while back he didn't want a relationship at the minute it just kind of felt like something was wrong so i put a quick stop to the whole thing and told Nick about him which left me feeling a bit strange i think after. Still, all is fine and it was just another drunken event to chalk down to too much alcomahol as usual!

Thursday my car needed to go into hospital and have its MOT which is costing far too much for my liking but then it's a good car and worth keeping running. It was nice to be at mum and dad's all day too, i haven't done it that much recently. Not enough either i guess. I picked up Barry on the way home and that was pretty much the start of the past week really!

I can't remember what happened for the majority of the rest of the week to be honest. It's been a bit bizzarre and definately not a normal event in my year so i think i've lost track of "normal" life a bit.  In a good way though! :o) suffice to say it has been a fun week and i've learnt a lot about Barry that i didn't know and probably a lot i didn't expect too. unfortunately he learnt a lot about me too... not sure that's a good thing! haha we'll see i guess, in the end someone either accepts you or they don't. its the same with friends, family are the only people who love you without question. the next few months might be quite interesting i think...

Cell tonight! Amy and Alex are coming out too and Heather. I'm not sure how i'm going to cram going to class, meeting with the others, going to Richard's AND goingt o the Cell into one evening but i'll see how i get on. The bristol lot cuoldnt' come up, the ones who could got let down last minute which is a shame as i was really looking forward to tonight but then i don't know why i have so much faith in other people, they continuously fail to meet expectations i'd set for myself. i think it just annoys me this time because i miss my friends down there so much and this was a chance to bring them up to see my life and my home. never mind, Kyle is learning to drive so hopefully he'll get his ass in gear and come up in a few months. he's hoping to pass by May.

Time to go! i'll have a lie in tomorrow morning. :o)

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Date:February 21st, 2008 07:50 am (UTC)
*Sigh* it's a shame the guys couldn't go up to see you, but really, did you honestly think men could be well organised? Especially those 3?? Well, maybe I didn't expect Rob to be so misorganised, but that's men for you! Hopefully soon me and the girls (this includes Rae, maybe this time I can snog her in public without Scott being there getting funny about it!) will come up and spend a few days with you. I really wanna see what The Cell is like and I do want to meet Nick *hides* hehehehe! Although I really shouldn't get my hopes up too much, which I won't. Hope you had a good time last night! xxxxx
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