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Bristol - Pole Kitten
February 9th, 2008
05:30 pm


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Another weekend another trip to Bristol! That's 3 or is it 4 since the start of 2008??! haha It was an eventful Friday by all accounts, the usual 3 hour long drive to Bristol was pretty uneventful i think apart from listening to one of Barry's albums which turned out to be pretty good to listen to although it did make me feel like i was in primary school drama class working on some kind of space related project! Some of the tracks were good listening.  Follow that with some Bowling For Soup and a Cash mega-mix and you've got a nice musical piece of entertainment for the trip.

The Apartments were roughly where i thought they'd be and they're gorgeous inside. Nothing on the walls and the speakers weren't even connected when we arrived as they had just been refurbished but they were really clean and had everything we needed apart from food and drink really although a DVD player would be good. I'll definately stay there again next time though at £65! It also means as many as we want can stay but i will need to take the bed as i didn't get anywhere near enough sleep to drive home today. We'll probably get a 2 bed apartment instead and see what they're like at £125 if a few of us go.

Barry managed to drink himself through half a bottle of vodka before we left but other than him i think we were all a little tired and not in the best of moods for some reason. Still, we made it out of the house and met Heather about 8.30pm to head to the Crown. Got there and said a brief "hello" to Nicki, wasn't really sure whether she was speaking to me or not really! Turned out she was ok with me though. Barry was WAY over the top drunk for the Crown atmosphere and made a valiant attempt to get us thrown out before we'd even started by insulting the dominatrix that was performing at the club there that night! Note to self: Barry is VERY loud when drunk. haha Still funny though and after an eventful round-a-bout walk to the Keller things were all good.

I got asked for ID and didn't have any which was lovely but the wonderful Rob saved the day and got me in *big hugs*. Got inside and found Nicki, Danni and Scott so said hellos although Scott was less than chatty for whatever reason he had. I wasn't going to stress over it after the past weekend's antics and just continued the nods of hello as we passed throughout the night. Nixi turned up after midnight which was fab as it's the first time i've seen her properly since we started chatting other than online! Quick summary; drank lots, danced lots, snogged Rae (haha), chatted some more and erm... well... other stuff! *giggles*

We left at 2am as we'd had enough, the club was pretty dead and not many people i knew were there. Helen, Cash and Heather left early leaving me and Barry to our own devices and Scott and Nicki decided to leave at the same time. Called over the road for some food but Nicki and Scott ended up "talking" again so we had to drag them off when it was time to leave. Still, I think they got a bit closer to getting over each other according to what he said to me which is a good thing as it'll be much nicer to come down there when they do plus their mates are on the last straw now from what i heard and i think they'll walk away with one more incident which will leave them both screwed.

Scott and Nixi came back to the apartment with us and Nix and Bert seemed to cope ok being around each other for an hour or so which was nice. Got chance to chat to Scott, well i say chat, more me speaking him listening haha but it was good to tell him about the myspace messages and what they really said as well as get a few things off my chest. I think he was ok with it all and we can go on to being friends now which will be nice. He still makes a nice hot water bottle when you don't have a blanket though! haha Barry is crap at sharing a single airbed for future reference, when i say "hold on so i don't fall off" i mean HOLD ON not roll over, push me off completely and steal the blanket! hahaha The sofa was more comfy anyway so *sticks tongue out*

The next day food was needed so we went to Zaks which was a nice reminder of old times in the city. The drive home was pretty subdued, least of all because the cassette tape to run the CD player off died so we listened to Radio 1 all the way home! Very tired now so time for bed and it looks like we may be going bowling tomorrow but we'll see what happens.

Goodnight Diary! xxx

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Date:February 10th, 2008 11:12 am (UTC)
that was a really fun night, parts I do remember, parts I don't.. the DJ at the Bierkeller (if that is what it is called) was a bit of a git though
I don't know about everyone else not being in the best of moods, I was alright..
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Date:February 10th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)
yes, i think you made a friend there! haha Oh i think we could tell you were a happy bunny! i was ok by once we got to the Keller but was tired from driving and being poorly at the same time.
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