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Return to Normality - Pole Kitten
April 4th, 2008
07:39 pm


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Return to Normality

Pole Play

well... as normal as life is the majority of the time! I'm taking back control of the business after losing my mind for a few months. It's been a tricky year so far, money being stolen, venues messing up completely and the weather upsetting everything never mind illness, holidays and random TV appearences being thrown into the blender! The bank hasn't been helping by doing everything it can possibly manage to upset my finances but I seem to be gradually getting back control of things and the debts from the November mess have nearly been paid off. Just one generic phone company, beginning with O and ending in 2, to sort out now and my TV licence needs renewing.

On the subject of debt, I've learnt a few valuable things that I've found essential over the past few months;

Contact whatever compay you owe money to. It may seem really difficult to do the first time you try it and you might worry they'll get pissed off at you but 90% of the time they don't and they're perfectly happy to sort out some arrangement to pay the amount back at your suggestion or at least give you more time to pay it.

If you owe someone money work out a date you can pay them by then add another 5 days to it! Something usually comes up to mess things around so give yourself extra time. Specifying a date and sticking to it will make them more likely to be kind if it happens again, they'll be less lenient if you set a date and don't stick to it than if you say it will take longer in the first place.

If you can't pay the amount in full, offer them something, ANYthing! Even if you offer someone £10 a month and you owe them £100 at least they know they'll get the whole lot back in 10 months rather than nothing at all.

Be forceful, if you know you can't pay it make sure THEY know you can't pay it but make sure they know what you ARE goingt o do about the problem and how you'll get their money back to them.

Female? Cry! Burst into tears, sob about being a poor student/single mum/homeless/dead... anything just make them want to use every power they have to give you leaway!

The rest of the business is going well, we have a couple of potential new instructors, are pulling out of Wildcats one club at a time and the competition is getting under way for the end of the year. I'm also delving into a new idea (yes, another one!) of running medieval banquets which should keep me occupied for a few months. I need to buy more poles, about 5 at least I'd say but right now I'm paying off the X-Pole debt from 2005 so best keep plodding on and scrounging poles until June! Not long to go.

The Baby

Isn't so much of a baby any more! She's now coming up to 22 months which means her 2nd birthday is looming on the horizon. She can now walk well, is starting to run, attempting to jump (albeit just getting on her tippy-toes!) and talking incessently. She can also count to 10, name shapes and repeats everything she hears including swear words *cough*.


Nothing much about myself really. Still with Barry who's keeping me entertained as usual and I'm dragging him into Civilization and Age of Empires although I'm not sure he's really that keen! haha I'm pretty stressed at the minute so I could do with a proper night out and catching up with Amy and Helen especially but I miss Alex too so should really get something set up in Lincoln before I go away in May. Hopefully we'll be going to Flamingo Land on Friday 16th May so if anyone is interested in coming along call me to sort out transport from Bristol, Lincoln or wherever! I'm then going away to Dorset and the Isle of White with mum and dad at the end of May and hopefully Download Festival in June which kicks off on my birthday, how's that for a present??! haha weeeeeeeee!

I've been contemplating lots of things to do with people, life and random things recently but it's too much to write here and now. I'll go into more depth when I get a few spare minutes... *trots off to play Civ... again!*

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