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February 5th, 2009
11:18 am


Week 2
I've got a call back from Barclays! :D I'll give them a shout this afternoon and see what they say, she wants to go through some mroe of my cv with me.

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February 4th, 2009
10:46 am


Job Application (Day 1 and Week 1)

I thought I would start a little journal of my job hunting progress as I go on so here it is typed up so far. Maybe it will help a few others feel a little more positive about things as it's a long slog! lol

Day 1
Ok, settled on the fact that I need to find a full time job. I have until June to find one before I hit financial rock bottom and have no choice ut to move home and declare bankruptcy, which in itself poses MANY problems. Me and Mum have been online hunting and she's sent me over a few jobs so I'm applying to them now. See how it goes.

Week 1
After a week of completing the longest and most detailed application forms you have ever seen I have had 3 rejection letters, 2 rejection emails and 2 rejection phone calls! I feel like jumping off a small bridge right now :( I've got a few more jobs to apply for and there's still the ministry of defence one and macdonalds trainee management which look good.

DWP x 2
and 2 others i can't remember O_O

Week 2, Day 2
Wooooo!  I've reached the 2nd stage in the Macdonalds application process :D 2 more rejection emails but feeling a little happier. A long way to go and I'll probably not get it but it's a confidence booster. :) Still got to finish the MOD application... migth take the rest of the day :\

Environment Agency

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April 4th, 2008
07:39 pm


Return to Normality

Pole Play

well... as normal as life is the majority of the time! I'm taking back control of the business after losing my mind for a few months. It's been a tricky year so far, money being stolen, venues messing up completely and the weather upsetting everything never mind illness, holidays and random TV appearences being thrown into the blender! The bank hasn't been helping by doing everything it can possibly manage to upset my finances but I seem to be gradually getting back control of things and the debts from the November mess have nearly been paid off. Just one generic phone company, beginning with O and ending in 2, to sort out now and my TV licence needs renewing.

On the subject of debt, I've learnt a few valuable things that I've found essential over the past few months;

Contact whatever compay you owe money to. It may seem really difficult to do the first time you try it and you might worry they'll get pissed off at you but 90% of the time they don't and they're perfectly happy to sort out some arrangement to pay the amount back at your suggestion or at least give you more time to pay it.

If you owe someone money work out a date you can pay them by then add another 5 days to it! Something usually comes up to mess things around so give yourself extra time. Specifying a date and sticking to it will make them more likely to be kind if it happens again, they'll be less lenient if you set a date and don't stick to it than if you say it will take longer in the first place.

If you can't pay the amount in full, offer them something, ANYthing! Even if you offer someone £10 a month and you owe them £100 at least they know they'll get the whole lot back in 10 months rather than nothing at all.

Be forceful, if you know you can't pay it make sure THEY know you can't pay it but make sure they know what you ARE goingt o do about the problem and how you'll get their money back to them.

Female? Cry! Burst into tears, sob about being a poor student/single mum/homeless/dead... anything just make them want to use every power they have to give you leaway!

The rest of the business is going well, we have a couple of potential new instructors, are pulling out of Wildcats one club at a time and the competition is getting under way for the end of the year. I'm also delving into a new idea (yes, another one!) of running medieval banquets which should keep me occupied for a few months. I need to buy more poles, about 5 at least I'd say but right now I'm paying off the X-Pole debt from 2005 so best keep plodding on and scrounging poles until June! Not long to go.

The Baby

Isn't so much of a baby any more! She's now coming up to 22 months which means her 2nd birthday is looming on the horizon. She can now walk well, is starting to run, attempting to jump (albeit just getting on her tippy-toes!) and talking incessently. She can also count to 10, name shapes and repeats everything she hears including swear words *cough*.


Nothing much about myself really. Still with Barry who's keeping me entertained as usual and I'm dragging him into Civilization and Age of Empires although I'm not sure he's really that keen! haha I'm pretty stressed at the minute so I could do with a proper night out and catching up with Amy and Helen especially but I miss Alex too so should really get something set up in Lincoln before I go away in May. Hopefully we'll be going to Flamingo Land on Friday 16th May so if anyone is interested in coming along call me to sort out transport from Bristol, Lincoln or wherever! I'm then going away to Dorset and the Isle of White with mum and dad at the end of May and hopefully Download Festival in June which kicks off on my birthday, how's that for a present??! haha weeeeeeeee!

I've been contemplating lots of things to do with people, life and random things recently but it's too much to write here and now. I'll go into more depth when I get a few spare minutes... *trots off to play Civ... again!*

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March 31st, 2008
07:57 pm


BBC Upstaged 

It's been a surreal month or so and I realise I haven't posted anything here in a little while. For the past 3 weeks life has revolved solely around the BBC3 program Upstaged for myself and our little group of Polekittens! Quick summary for posterity...

I entered Polekitten aka Pole Play into the competition through the BBC 3 weeks ago simply by registering a profile on their website. Within a week we were dancing around 2 X-Stages in a glass box in Bristol's Millennium Square... go figure! We basically had to compete against a box opposite us for the attention of the audience and the "act" with the most online votes went on to repeat the very same thing the following day against a brand new act. So anyway, I managed to rope in Robyn, SJ, Nuala and Jenni to join me on the Monday and much to our surprise we made it through to Day 2... then Day 3... then Day 4! The maximum number of days any "act" could stay in the box so we then qualified for the Quarter finals. We then won the Quarter Finals (oh yes, WON) and passed through to the Semi-Finals on the Friday night less than 2 weeks since we'd finished the heats!

Unfortunately the story pretty much ends there as we were knocked out in the Semi-Finals and, al-be-it by the overall winners of the competition, it was still pretty gutting after everything. Still it is a competition and it should be looked at in exactly that way. I'm thrilled with the fact we came so far and the people I got to meet this past week have been amazing, however I don't think marathon pole dancing will be repeated anytime soon! The act who won got a bit of bad press and I must say I kind of jumped on the bandwagon for a while mostly due to the dissapointement and the sudden loss of adrenaline I think reflecting on things. It's funny how easy it is to just go along with the crowd sometimes but in the end something one of them said to me just before the results made me realise I'd done just that.

Everyone who took part even for a full 6 hours in that show was amazing. They ALL put 100% effort into whatever they loved doing and that was just it, eacha nd every person involved in Upstaged was there to promote something they loved and were passionate about so who's to say that someone can't be just as passionate about sock puppets as dulcimer playing or vlogging as pole dancing? I know we had the skill to be able to win and I do know that the final winners reached the top because of the amount of online support but doesn't that just show exactly how many people out there love the same thing as them? Most acts had ONE skill they could use but this group of people used their brains and shared a multitude of skills that everyone could associate with so why shouldn't they win, they completed a total of 40 hours in the box, 4 more than the Polekittens (who incidentally completed more hours than ANYONE else apart from the winners! *cheers*) and I don't care who you are that is damn hard work. So to any doubters out there, watch the footage and get yourselves online there is a massive community on here so why not join it before you stick your noses up.

Finally, regarding the show... I'd rather regret something I'd done than something I haven't done... and I've never regretted anything yet!

General Life

Back to reality now I guess *sigh* it's always an anti-climax after one of these events but I'll definately keep my eyes open a little more often for things in the future. *nibbles on her Easter egg* I made some new friends over the past few weeks, hopefully I'll be able to find some of them through Myspace or here so I'll od a bit of a search over the next week if they don't find me first.

Me and Barry are still together, things keep getting complicated though. Anna's been poorly a lot and I'm permanently stresse with money and the business let alone Upstaged so it's probably not going as ogod as it should... I think I forget how confusing relationships can be when I'm not in one but then I never know what I want so I don't suppose I should know with any more certainty when I'm in a relationship than when I'm out of one! I guess I always thought that you'd just "know" when you met the right person but now I'm not so sure, maybe it doesn't work that way at all maybe it's more complicated than that and I'll never understand it! haha *sigh* Still, happy for now and it was good to have him there for support this week even if it made me more stressed sometimes rather than less!

Annalise is growing... a rather stupid statement I know but one I felt it neccessary to make! I wish she'd stop, I keep needing to replace her clothes when they get to short and she can now speak in sentences of up to 3 words which is scaring me let alone the fact she can now count to 10! She'll be graduating from University in 20 years (if it still exists) but God knows what as, probably an art students or something useful like that. I sound like my mother more every day!

I'm planning a trip to Flamingo Land as soon as I have some money together which will be fantastic! They have more rollercoasters there than any other theme park in the UK, I'm not so good on the spinny roundy roundy type rides, and if I drag enough people along on the road trip I should have at least one pari of hands for Anna on any rides I want to go on (which will no doubt be most in the park!). I think I'll post a message on Myspace and see if there are any takers.

I'm still planning "holidays" well in advance as usual. Back to Ireland next year I hope if not before Christmas and I'm still hoping to work on some new ideas for work for I can make enouhg money to go around the world in a few years. Murder Mysteries and Medieval Banquets are the main ones at the moment... we shall see, I nevver appear to run out of ideas even if they don't always work! haha

I mightt have a go at this Vlogging thing too. Although I'm not sure how interesting my life could realy be to anyone else! *giggles and stuffsin the last piece of egg*

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February 28th, 2008
09:51 am


 yep, it's decided. i'm going to go see National Treasure on Saturday at 8.40pm. now i'm happier! :o)

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09:19 am


i'm in a strange mood today, i can't decide whether to be stressed, happy or sad and i don't like it. i seemed to get whatever the feeling is last night one we got to the Cell but it's strange as i was fine up to then really. i made a half hearted attempt to dance to a song but really wasn't in the mood and was just getting more and more pissed off so i went home. i'm going to start going out between 10 and half past again though, i don't like going out so late. think i started crying on the way home last night, have no idea why! meh, maybe just stress... we'll see.

not sure what's happening today, just waiting for Barry to come online now really. Anna's watching tv and eating toast and i've had my breakfast for once as well. we'll probably head back to Lincoln after lunch or something but i'm not in the mood to go out after that even though i really should go and pick up my phone from the market. i guess i'll have to go and do that today in case they sell it or something! i was thinking about going out on Saturday night but again i'm really not in the mood now, i'm just going to go to the cinema i think and see whatever's on, i need my escape again and Dom's money's cleared so i can go this weekend.

the murder mystery is well on it's way to being sorted! everyone has their invitations and costume details so we're all set for Saturday 8th March. i just need to send out the email asking for money... i hate that! haha oh well must be done as i can't afford to buy anything. There's a DVD in the box as well as a CD this time so it should be interesting to see how that works. i'd still like to make one up to run in Lincoln and see if i can make some money from them but the competition needs sorting first.

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February 27th, 2008
08:42 am


woooo! Earthquake!

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February 22nd, 2008
07:35 pm


ouch. i went to the dentist today because my gum decided last night to swell up and it appears my wisdom tooth is coming through. i don't like it. the good news is that it is coming thruogh quite happily on its own however it has caused an infection, hence the swelling. i'm on antibiotics and paracetamol but ti really does hurt. Barry is as sympathetic as any guy i guess but then he did fail his driving test today so isn't the happiest of bunnies himself. hopefully the swelling will go down a little tomorrow as it seems to be at it's worst so far right now.

haven't really got much planned for the weekend to be honest. i'll head to Nanny's tomorrow afternoon for an hour or so but that's about it. we'll see what goes on. ooh, planning a trip to Pleasure Island for those interested! hehe

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February 20th, 2008
03:12 pm


well  i don't appear to have posted anything at all since the 9th February! funny that.

it seems a certain person has invaded my life for the past week or so!in fact after tonight he will have stayed at my house every night for a week... which is quite impressive really considering before about 2 weeks ago we knew very little about each other at all! i guess i just hope we don't mess things up spending too much time together... i don't know. it's all very confusing when you WANT to do something but your brain is telling you it might mess things up in the long term. i've never been very patient at waiting for things though! haha

so what's been happening since Bristol... Saturday was mostly spent travelling back up but it was quite funny saying goodbye to Barry as i don't think either of us really wanted to but i'm also not sure either of us really knew why either!

Still, somehow on Sunday we managed to end up organising a trip to the Falconry Centre just outside Lincoln with Nycky and that gave us something to do for the day. (haha on a side note... i have just been added on Facebook and msn by THE fittest girl on this planet! well i never) It was nice to get outside and do something rather than stay in or go to a bar and Anna loved seeing the animals and birds, especially the Hawk that was being flown. She just kept saying "wow!" everytime it landed on soneome's arm! i got to catch it as well which was wonderful, i love birds of prey they're so silent when they fly as well i'd forgotten that. we were looking at some chicks too and Nycky got really upset because she thought one had died, i went in to look and it really did look dead lying on the floor all still and wings spread. then about 5 seconds later it just wriggled a bit and got up! haha i was pleased when it did though. They had a lot of owls there which i was surprised about, i didn't see any Peregrine Falcons though which i'd like to have seen. Ooh, got an entertaining photo of a horse being rather rude to Barry as well! hehe

Monday... erm... what happened Monday?? Seems so long ago! haha Oh yes, despite saying something along the lines of "see you Tuesday night for pool" i ended up meeting Barry at lunchtime and then meeting him and Glenn to go on an eventful shopping trip in the evening! so much for this playing hard to get stuff i'm supposed to do *sigh* It was fun thoh, boys can't shop. note to self. boys also can't cook it turns out (William excepted of course but chefs don't count!)

Tuesday... took Barry to Playzone, crazy person I forgot it was half term so it was rammed with screaming children running riot! i think it was a bit of a shock for someone who wasn't used to children at the best of times! haha in the evening i went over to the halls in Park Court which i hadn't been to before. they're actuallyquite different to my old halls as they're flats with a few people in each. very modern as well and each has it's own bathroom. the rooms themselves are tiny though, about half the size of the ones in Doncaster but then i guess there are a lot more students to cram in here! their new common room is good though, it has a massive flat screen tv (which probably aren't as expensive as i'd be thinking!) a pool table and some random games as well as snack machines. i couldn't live in such a tiny room though!

Wednesday was Cell day and this time i got invited over to start the night in Richard's room with Barry and Glenn and Barry's brother who'd come up to visit.it was quite an experience! long story short (details can be filled in another timea s i doubt i'll forget the incidents in that room) we played Mario Kart which I hadn't played since university and Barry got a bottle in the nose which meant lots of blood and a cut that still hasn't quite healed! haha silly boys and their games. The Cell was good but it was a weird night, Valentines night to be precise and i think most people were a bit miserable about it really. I had a fun night though and without too much detail i was a happy bunny by the end :o) ooh, and Nick tried (or succeeded i have no idea!) to kiss me which was amusing but he was VERY drunk and performed a whole ballroom dancing move on me or something that would have been better suited to a scene out of Cassablanca! hahaha it all felt quite strange though and although i knew i was still single and Barry had already told me a while back he didn't want a relationship at the minute it just kind of felt like something was wrong so i put a quick stop to the whole thing and told Nick about him which left me feeling a bit strange i think after. Still, all is fine and it was just another drunken event to chalk down to too much alcomahol as usual!

Thursday my car needed to go into hospital and have its MOT which is costing far too much for my liking but then it's a good car and worth keeping running. It was nice to be at mum and dad's all day too, i haven't done it that much recently. Not enough either i guess. I picked up Barry on the way home and that was pretty much the start of the past week really!

I can't remember what happened for the majority of the rest of the week to be honest. It's been a bit bizzarre and definately not a normal event in my year so i think i've lost track of "normal" life a bit.  In a good way though! :o) suffice to say it has been a fun week and i've learnt a lot about Barry that i didn't know and probably a lot i didn't expect too. unfortunately he learnt a lot about me too... not sure that's a good thing! haha we'll see i guess, in the end someone either accepts you or they don't. its the same with friends, family are the only people who love you without question. the next few months might be quite interesting i think...

Cell tonight! Amy and Alex are coming out too and Heather. I'm not sure how i'm going to cram going to class, meeting with the others, going to Richard's AND goingt o the Cell into one evening but i'll see how i get on. The bristol lot cuoldnt' come up, the ones who could got let down last minute which is a shame as i was really looking forward to tonight but then i don't know why i have so much faith in other people, they continuously fail to meet expectations i'd set for myself. i think it just annoys me this time because i miss my friends down there so much and this was a chance to bring them up to see my life and my home. never mind, Kyle is learning to drive so hopefully he'll get his ass in gear and come up in a few months. he's hoping to pass by May.

Time to go! i'll have a lie in tomorrow morning. :o)

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February 9th, 2008
05:30 pm


Another weekend another trip to Bristol! That's 3 or is it 4 since the start of 2008??! haha It was an eventful Friday by all accounts, the usual 3 hour long drive to Bristol was pretty uneventful i think apart from listening to one of Barry's albums which turned out to be pretty good to listen to although it did make me feel like i was in primary school drama class working on some kind of space related project! Some of the tracks were good listening.  Follow that with some Bowling For Soup and a Cash mega-mix and you've got a nice musical piece of entertainment for the trip.

The Apartments were roughly where i thought they'd be and they're gorgeous inside. Nothing on the walls and the speakers weren't even connected when we arrived as they had just been refurbished but they were really clean and had everything we needed apart from food and drink really although a DVD player would be good. I'll definately stay there again next time though at £65! It also means as many as we want can stay but i will need to take the bed as i didn't get anywhere near enough sleep to drive home today. We'll probably get a 2 bed apartment instead and see what they're like at £125 if a few of us go.

Barry managed to drink himself through half a bottle of vodka before we left but other than him i think we were all a little tired and not in the best of moods for some reason. Still, we made it out of the house and met Heather about 8.30pm to head to the Crown. Got there and said a brief "hello" to Nicki, wasn't really sure whether she was speaking to me or not really! Turned out she was ok with me though. Barry was WAY over the top drunk for the Crown atmosphere and made a valiant attempt to get us thrown out before we'd even started by insulting the dominatrix that was performing at the club there that night! Note to self: Barry is VERY loud when drunk. haha Still funny though and after an eventful round-a-bout walk to the Keller things were all good.

I got asked for ID and didn't have any which was lovely but the wonderful Rob saved the day and got me in *big hugs*. Got inside and found Nicki, Danni and Scott so said hellos although Scott was less than chatty for whatever reason he had. I wasn't going to stress over it after the past weekend's antics and just continued the nods of hello as we passed throughout the night. Nixi turned up after midnight which was fab as it's the first time i've seen her properly since we started chatting other than online! Quick summary; drank lots, danced lots, snogged Rae (haha), chatted some more and erm... well... other stuff! *giggles*

We left at 2am as we'd had enough, the club was pretty dead and not many people i knew were there. Helen, Cash and Heather left early leaving me and Barry to our own devices and Scott and Nicki decided to leave at the same time. Called over the road for some food but Nicki and Scott ended up "talking" again so we had to drag them off when it was time to leave. Still, I think they got a bit closer to getting over each other according to what he said to me which is a good thing as it'll be much nicer to come down there when they do plus their mates are on the last straw now from what i heard and i think they'll walk away with one more incident which will leave them both screwed.

Scott and Nixi came back to the apartment with us and Nix and Bert seemed to cope ok being around each other for an hour or so which was nice. Got chance to chat to Scott, well i say chat, more me speaking him listening haha but it was good to tell him about the myspace messages and what they really said as well as get a few things off my chest. I think he was ok with it all and we can go on to being friends now which will be nice. He still makes a nice hot water bottle when you don't have a blanket though! haha Barry is crap at sharing a single airbed for future reference, when i say "hold on so i don't fall off" i mean HOLD ON not roll over, push me off completely and steal the blanket! hahaha The sofa was more comfy anyway so *sticks tongue out*

The next day food was needed so we went to Zaks which was a nice reminder of old times in the city. The drive home was pretty subdued, least of all because the cassette tape to run the CD player off died so we listened to Radio 1 all the way home! Very tired now so time for bed and it looks like we may be going bowling tomorrow but we'll see what happens.

Goodnight Diary! xxx

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