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February 7th, 2008
09:50 am


The Morning After the Night Before...
i don't feel too good this morning. which is hardly surprising as i was mixing whisky and vodka half the night to try and rid myself of this bloody cold. which didn't work incidentally.

absolutely fantastic night at The Cell! Heather was back this week which was amazing as i've not seen her in a month. she brought me back a t-shirt from New Zealand which is wore last night too and it's great! Amy came out for a bit too but left at midnight when her pumpkin arrived. i think just about everyone i know, or want to know anyway, was there last night and it was pretty busy too. i was drinking (obviously) so i think i lost it a bit by the end and distinctly remember nearly falling over at one point haha

everyone seemed in a pretty bouncy mood last night and even the hard core metalers were dancing to cheesy music which was ace! haha watching Barry, Glenn and Richard head banging to... i can't even remember what it was now! going to have to ask that one i think. haha was well funny though. Richard was loads more lively than normal although i'd guess he was pretty drunk and Elionor was down to stay too. she was nice so it was good to meet her, i can be a bit huggy and hyperactive when i'm drunk but i don't think i scared her too much!

don't think anyone fell out either which was great. Nick nearly got in a fight apparently and the Ash smacked him in the face and he had a nice cut under his left eye. haha i'm sure it'll heal. we were getting pizza but for some reason it was jammed in the pizza place so we changed our minds and just went home.

a great little night out in our great little city. oh... and Bristol tomorrow! haha xxx

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03:15 am


The Cell

made it home with heather... a little tipsy! hahaha ok, maybe VERY tipsy. lok i'm spellig right! hehe


had a wicked night. love my friends. love heather being back.  about nick's eye! hahaha remind self tomorrow to tell barry it's shotgun on friday so whoever gets there first and there's a race on. also neeed to remember to brnig that bottle of vodka from the kitchen. what is this some kind of reminder system???

... the end love josephine xxx

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February 3rd, 2008
05:31 pm


Murder Mystery Party!
It looks like I'm the first to post regarding the events of last night which is hardly surprising as I would be expecting the majority of the participants to be tucked up in their warm little beds nursing their mushy little heads!

Well everyone showed up who was supposed to and they all put some effort into their costumes which i was kind of surprised by in a happy way as there was lots of pannicking the week before. Mine wasn't fantastic either and we were all short on pennies but we all had a good try and managed to get ourselves into some sort of head space for t characters I think. Most credit goes to Glenn for researching his character in detail before coming and to Amy and Alex for going all out with theirs! haha

Everyone arrived around 7pm and everyone who was supposed to come along did with Luke filling in for Mark at the last minute. Realised when Barry actually read through the start of his booklet properly there was supposed to be a CD with the game which I SWEAR wasn't in the box! haha Oh well, in the end it worked fine without and now as i remember the first time we ran one at Paul's house it was more annoying that anything else having to stop and start the player and be told essentially what we'd just found out in the previous round.

The food went ok although i think my presentation skills leave a lot to be desired and it's a good job we didn't need warm starters as we didn't sit down to eat until gone 8pm as, me being myself as usual, hadn't even got changed or anything when 7pm came around! hahaha Still, it seemed to come out ok but i'll put a bit more time and thought into the order in which i cook things next time and also learn how to cut melons into thin slices without slicing half my finger off! Alex made the vegetarian dishes but not being vegetarian and prefering to eat some kind of substantial food rather than green stuff i didn't have the pleasure of trying it but i'm sure it was lovely.

The game was pretty straight forward, we each assumed a character and followed the booklet from beginning to end through the 3 Acts and the 3 courses of the dinner. Everyone pretty much got the hang of it quck enough although Barry seems to skip entire sections of reading as he actually read through an entire paragraph before realising he wasn't supposed to read it out as written but translate it into the first person! As a quick summary...

Maid Mary-Anne (Amy) committed the murder of Lord Henry whilst at the same time seemingly sleeping around the entire table although Claude Duval (Luke) seemed to be favoured in her bed-chamber

Edmund Blacksnake (Barry) was shot during a (slightly rigged and yet lost anyway) pistol duel with Claude Duval (Luke)

Lady Blacksnake (me) and Dick Turpin (Alex) AKA Guy Fawkes had a sordid affair behind Lord Henry's back whilst at the same time hatching a plot to disinherit Edmund from the position of Lord of the Manor

Edmund meanwhile was happily torturing in a hideous manner the likes of Black Bess (Helen) who eventually turned out to be his long lost half-sister alongside Maid Mary-Anne as all 3 shared similar fabulous birthmarks on their... erm... hindquarters

Oliver Cromley (Nick) seemd to be one of the few without too much drama in his life although his shady dealings and swindling probably didn't improve his standing in the community

Old Ma Shipton (Glenn, yes GLENN... in tattered rags), the mysterious old woman who Lord Henry kept locked in the tower turned out to be Mary and Bess's long lost mother with some touching emotional scenes from all three *sob* and some Monty Python-esque recitals from Old Ma

Nell Qwyn (Nycky) meanwhile kept a calm and beautiful eye over the proceedings with her basket of oranges!

And so the story ends! Helen and Luke left soon after the end of the murder mystery but the rest of us decided to continue the party into the night finishing off the majority of the wine (most of the red seems to have ended up on the floor of various areas of my house or Alex's clothing and is now BANNED from the premises!) and some of the spirits including some kind of Cranberry and Clementine christmas cocktail given to be by my big sister (god bless family!) which appeared to have some sort of drunk-making magic effect on whomsoever took to drinking it.

Alex and Amy left after a while leaving the rest of the night and early morning to myself, Nycky, Barry and Glenn involving various random conversations, Glenn and Barry imitating some kind of power metal tribute act to the music on Myspace, Nycky falling off the bed several times, Barry performing a strange bed dismount resembling a cat sliding down a tin roof and Barry finally working out the trainline near my house DOESN'T got through my neighbour's back garden. Nycky passed out around 3am i think and Barry and Glenn decided to make the trek home at 6am when i went to sleep.

So that's everything really of interest. My sister's friend Katie who lives up the road has said she would babysit on a Tuesday evening for me to go to Play Zone if i wanted her to so i may see who i can persuade to go. Though it'll probably be next week now but we'll see, i want to fill this week with as many things as possible for some reason! haha

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February 2nd, 2008
09:06 am


*sigh* as usual everything feels ok again in the morning! haha actually, everything feels BETTER than ok. I can't wait until tonight, it's going to be so much fun although i've still got a lot of things to do beore then. i'm not sure where my dress is now either! damn it. oh well, i'm sure i'll find it somewhere in the house.

we're still going to Bristol next Friday and it looks likeHeather wants to drive as well so if Alex and Amy want to come down again they can too. It would be good if we could all go. Nick and Nycky can't but then it's difficult to get a big group together and as Helen said I think a smaller number would be better. Amy and Alex will be perfectly happy in their little world and Heather is happy doing her own thing, Helen and Cash will be coupled up and I'll have my mates down tehre as well. Barry will probably just spend his night dancing if they put any decent music on for him! hahaha

all in all i'm happy again which is nice. in fact, i'm going to go back and delete the last few posts because they were too depressing! hahaha

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February 1st, 2008
10:00 am


i have so much to do and so little time in which to do it! i'll write this and then work on the house.

i have been listening to another audio-book whilst driving around (actually there were 2 but one was very short Ian Rankin story which only lasted me just under to Bristol and back) and it's set me thinking that I'd quite like the English language to return to the way it used to be. Things were so much more polite in Victorian times with everyone knowing their place in society. Granted the class system wasn't exactly great but we still have a big and growing gap between upper and lower classes these days really although generally the entire population has moved up a level somewhat. Anyway, back to the point, when spoken properly i think the English language is one of the most beautiful in the world and easily compared to Italian or French. It's such a shame that "proper" English has mostly been lost over the past hundred years or so.

Regarding the state of living in those times, the fact that both men and women at each level knew their place in society, although very constricting, must have made things much simpler for everyone. Not only men and women but also the different classes and positions in society with everyone knowing they have a role and a purpose in life, even if sometimes it wasn't such a great one. People didn't aspire to be something they weren't because the class system prevented it, if you were born lower class that is what you stayed, you didn't try and climb some kind of career or social ladder to acheieve wealth and standing in the community. You accepted what you had and were grateful for it. I'm sure they often wished they had the life of those in the upper classes but they KNEW catagorically it was something they should never have and accepted it. things such as speaking out of turn, answering back or behaving incorrectly in front of women was taken very seriously, simply asking too many questions or veering into intimate subjects during conversation was taken as offensive if you weren't careful and topics of conversation, words and manner were tempered in front of women. Perhaps that would annoy me... or perhaps it would make me feel more respected... i don't know

These days the roles of men and women are so mixed up neither knows their own place. I know i would hate to be living back in those times for many reasons and that I should feel extremely frustrated and hemmed in by the gender and social "rules" of the time but as i said before, i think life must have been much simpler as you pretty much had instructions for how to live life from beginning to end. From education through to the type of work you did, house you lived in and friends you kept right through to wearing certain colour clothing for certain occasions such as grey for pre-mourning transition and black for mourning. In a way (and going completely contrary to how i have lived my life so far!) i also relish the idea of how relationships were formed in those days. I'm sure many happened the same way as today, especially in lower classes, but generally the whole courtship process was laid out for you and followed to the letter. The meaning of sex and intimacy was so much stronger than it is now, it is taken with a very cynical and flippant attitude in these times without the slightest regard to the importance of it all.

I find it funny how a simple story of fiction can draw up so many questions about society and history. Kind of like a song i suppose which makes you think about someone or some memory you have. I usualy find that's the main reason for liking a song i hear.

And i'm waffling...! Day dreaming is a dangerous thing on such a busy day.

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January 30th, 2008
04:46 pm


well that was an eventful shopping trip. we managed to find Glenn a dress and some bits and bobs to make up masks for Helen and Alex and capes for Helen and Barry. Still need to work on a codpiece but i'm sure i can construct something suitable! haha

oh and i got my phone back from the shop and they made it all better, yay!

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January 29th, 2008
06:09 pm


i have a feeling my life is going to get ever steadily more boring over the next few weeks. i'm working tonight in Leeds and tomorrow in Lincoln and heading to Huddersfield on Thursday for lunch with SJ. it will be nice to see her again, it's been too long really and i'll make more effort to see them all each month from now on. social life is going to start coming second to work from now on, apart from Anna of course who always comes first!

i'm meeting Helen in town at lunchtime tomorrow to go charity and joke shop shopping for Saturday. i think it's going to be really good, i always get excited by gettign peopel to do things they don't normally do though! i spend all my life doing it myself and it's really nice to see other peopel get out of their safe little boxes and join in the fun. i don't think the dressing up will be anything major this time around but we're all short of money and there are too many more things we all want to save up for over the next few months. still, a 3 course meal, drinks and a script should provide enough entertainment i think!

me and Helen will be off to the Cell tomorrow but Alex and Amy are skiving off again. hehe hopefully a few of the others will be out, Barry said he's going but Glenn may still take some persuading. Nycky, Ash and Nick will no doubt be there though as usual!

concentrating on life up in Lincoln for a few weeks and on my work. i'm sure something interesting will happen to write about though! haha

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January 28th, 2008
09:56 am


I had an amazing weekend in Bristol as usual! haha After an eventful night at Rob and Rae's with a spray on tattoo kit (god know's what thoughts they'd have had if they came down stairs!) we went into town to check into the hotel for half 12. Walkabout hotel was ok actually, probably better than i was expecting, although the room was tiny compared to the Marriott and i missed the breakfast and tv channels as well as the guy helping with the cases, parking and other bonuses you get from the Marriott. The bathroom was big enough to fit in Anna's cot though so she slept in there as she won't sleep in the same room as me at the moment.

Wandered down to the Crown at lunchtime and met up with Scotty where we persuded him to actually eat food for once instead of drinking a liquid lunch! haha Was nice to chat to him on his own but he's going through some bad times at home right now, hopefully his parent's will sort it out though as it's not his fault but he's having to deal with it. I couldn't do that to Anna, but then Anna's 19 months old not 19 i guess! Had a great time chatting and generally having a laugh though and Steph and Aaron showed up after a bit as well. Scott seems to have a tendancy to show off in front of Aaron, i think it's a boy thing, he wasn't too bad on Friday though but Saturday was a different matter. I was a bit surprised how good he was with Anna but then she's probably at an easy age to pay with at the minute and as much as i like him he's a big kid sometimes! Still, my Dad's just as bad and he's 86 so i doubt they ever grow up really. Nicki came out to meet us at 4.30 as well (been in the pub nearly 4 hours by then! haha) which was nice, she was a bit stressed too and Scott seemed to change when she turned up, not sure why or what caused it but he did start to act a bit funny with her. Think they just rub each other up the wrong way but some space might help that if they actually stick to it! Wasn't too bad though and we still had a laugh.

I got my hair extensions put back in and Steph got to play at being Mummy for an hour! haha They didn't look as good as new year as the hair had thinned out but it still look cool, shame i didn't get any photos that night or day though :o( Nicki went and slipped on her ankle down some stairs which has subsequently resulted in her being on crutches for 2 weeks but she persuaded herself to come out anyway and we dropped Scott of at the Crown and me and Nicki went to the hotel to get ready and the company was nice. Put Anna to bed and the babysitter turned up so we headed out to the Crown again at 8pm to meet up with everyone there. Nicki and Scott did start as soon as we walked in the door so i just ignored the whole thing and chatted to Wayen and other randoms in the bar til they dropped it. Too much drama when i'm only out occasionally! lol They both calmed down and the atmosphere got a bit better so all was good. Shanna was out all dressed up as usual! Cowgirls and indians this time as it was her birthday, i should make a photo diary of what she's wearing everytime i go down! hahaha

The Keller was dead when we got there but we had a great time as the night went on. Got Scott up pole dancing which was an acheivement and he even went upside down! lol Hayley, Mary and Steve showed up part way through the night and Hayley's looking very pregnant now, Emily showed up and I burst into tears when i realised how much i missed them all which probably made me look like a fucking retard but whatever! haha Scott thought he'd gone and done something to upset me, probably cos of what he'd said a few minutes before, so I just said not to be so bloody big headed and it was nothing to do with him. Men! World revolves around them apparently. Played around no the punch bag game with a group of the others which was fun, i didn't do too bad for a feeble girl and got about 573 i think. Meike's boyfriend had to impress her friends (meeting them for the first time and all that) so wrecked his hand with about 50 attempts to beat the high score but all credit cos he did and got 910 in the end i think!

Nicki gave up in the end and got a couple of friends to take her to A&E. If I'd been in Lincoln I'd have gone but there was no way i could skip a night out i'd been looking forward to for a month and i knew Wayne would make sure she was ok. She has lots of friends there, not sure she realises though. Just spent the rest of the night flitting between Scott and various groups of friends but had a great time and was disapointed to have to go at quarter to 3 for the babysitter. Was a great night though so definately glad i went down.

Saturday started waaaaaaay too early! 7am and i have no idea what time we got to sleep cos it seemed like only 5 minutes before i woke up. Shouldn't go out so late when I'm down as I can't really cope well with Anna the day after although she was an absolute angel most of the day. Wandered into town and got a grilling from Chris to which (apparently) i responded wrongly. First thing that annoyed me that day. Got milkshake (hehe) and went to Aaron and Steph's for the afternoon whree Scott proceeded to undergo some kind of personality change and started acting like a dick. Apparently it's a perfectly normal transformation when he's round Aaron's (probably a mixture of showing off and playground "i like her but i don't want anyone else to know" punching and piss-taking) but i was too tired to deal with it and got pissed off after a while. Left without saying goodbye to Scott in the end but seeing everyone who was there was great and i'm glad i stayed an extra night as i was far too tired to drive and got to catch up with Steph again.

Sunday was nice. Got up and left the hotel at 8am, stoppped to chat to one of the old street cleaner guys and i forget how beautiful the city is first thing on a Sunday. I used to just get up early and walk around when i lived there so i miss it. We had bacon and egg sandwiches sat on a bench right in the centre and hardly anyone passed us, really peaceful but the remnance of the night before were still scattered everywhere. haha

That's about it really, drove home and went to bed quite early due to the long drive. Rob is hopefully getting time off on the 20th Feb to drive Chris, Kyle, Scott and Aaron up (although i'm having second thoughts about Aaron coming with his whole aggression problem and how Scott is around him, might get steph to come up with him another time. i know if she says no he won't come) and it will be great to show them around Lincoln although they'll proabbly not rate it highly as it's so small compared to Bristol! haha We'll go to the Cell though and decide what to do on the Thursday. Whether or not anything's going on with me and Scott by then is debatable at the minute, don't know whether he wants there to be or not and at the moment not sure if i do. I like someone else up here as well but i don't think that's going to even start so i'm not going to go there. Had enough of hearing the same old lines in 2007 so i don't want to hear them at all this year thank you.

There, long story and boring to everyone but me! Makes me feel better writing it up though and hopefully most of that will be out of my head fro the rest of the week as I want to conecntrate on work. Oh, and our party on Saturday! Can't wait for that! hehe Roll on the weekend....

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January 25th, 2008
09:14 am


Still need to finish the London post but i'll get around to it next week i'm sure! I drove down to Bristol with Anna yesterday and stayed over at my friends' Rob and Rae's house in Bradley Stoke. A bit of a hectic evening as we had the Rolls Royce presentation but i think the photos will come out well so i'll write a press release on Monday. I found an old spray on tattoo kit i got years ago so me and Rob thought we'd have some fun! Managed to get one perfect on my shoulder, one on my wrist and another on my lower back. Rob was very unfair and wouldn't left me put two of the hand print one on his arse! hahaha Went to bed and then had a bath and the one on my shoulder vanished completely :o( The one on my back is still there and the one on my wrist is faded but i'll see if i can fix them for tonight.

Just going to look at my hair extensios as i keep being told to put them back in! haha I'll see what state they're in though. Meeting Scott, Aaron and Steph at the Crown at 1pm so hopefully Anna will go to bed about 10 but she's not looking tired just now. Bierkeller tonight! wooooooo Expensive babysitter but should be a good night. I'm going to completely ignore any drama or anything as i'm only down for one night so i'm just going to have fun as usual! hehe

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January 21st, 2008
11:19 am


London and the Natural History Museum

That was a great weekend! A little hectic as family holidays usually are but it was nice to escape for a few days and to go somewhere interesting again. In the end only myself, Anna, Mum and Sue went down as Nanny and Daddy were poorly so we took one car. Made it all the way to London pretty uneventfully but managed to get a little lost on the A3 on the way in! I still can't believe the hotel turn-off was signed so badly! haha

Stayed at the same hotel as last time, Travelodge and as it's only £19 per room it'e worth doing in the future! It's just outside Kingston and literally on the A3 so dead easy access to the city centre although it's much better to go by bus or underground as the traffic can be a nightmare and public transport is so good in London. We got to the hotel fairly late so Mum decided not to go to see Auntie and Uncle that evening and go in the morning instead so we just chilled out in the hotel and paid for internet access for 24 hours which meant Sue could lokoe through her S-Club things online and I could chat to randoms on MSN as usual! I feel a little detached without the internet these days, probably a teeeeensy bit dependant on it...

Saturday was fun! We got up early and had the usual hotel breakfast which is ok in the Travellodges but they do ration your plates and cutlery just to make sure you dno't steal their food! haha Sue and I headed down to the tube station about 9.30 and Mu drove over to Auntie's for the morning. Pain in the ass train stations when you have a pushchair, a nice long flight of stairs and no lift in Tolworth so I roped Sue into carrying the pushchair while i picked (a now filthy) Annalise up off the steps and carried her to the top. We missed the first train but we sat on the benches and watched the birds and things while we waited and it was quite nice to be sat still for a while doing nothing in particular. Anna was good and listened to me several times when I told her no to go near the platform edge. I love trains and stations, even though all the technology has changed dramatically over the years it still feels like the same atmosphere as it probably would have 100 years ago when steam trains formed a major part of public transport. I should go back to Beamish at some point... or Flambards I'd love to go back there! I think they have trains too...

Changed trains at Wimbledon which was a bit tricky but we managed it ok in the end and at least they had lifts. Anna loved the train journey, it's infectious when she gets excited about something I feel all excited too, must be nice to be so young and find everything around you exciting. I watched Enchatnted the other day and decided I wanted to be a fairy tale princess, believing in one true kiss and happy endings, haha. I'm going to attempt to hold onto a bit of that again i think although I'm sure reality will swamp the idea several times over. Anyway, she loved the trees and the houses and I love travelling by train as you get a rare glimpse into people's lives. Houses always back onto the train line and as you pass you see over the hedges, fences and walls like taking a view inside someone else's private world.

The Natural History Museum was amazing as usual, we didn't make it into the geological section which i was gutted about really but we did go straight for the dinosaurs which was a good idea to do so early as later on a massive queue stretched out the door and round the corner! Anna was fascinated by everything as usual but was a little unsure of some of the creatures in there. Again navigating with a pushchair isn't so easy but it's not too badly laid out so we worked our way around the crowds which grew pretty quickly. The main attraction was obviously still the T-Rex which was animated to bring it to life and is actually pretty life-like once you ignore the slight jerkiness of the movements (well obviously, asuming we got the colour right, may have been bright pink for all we know!) and definately ahd the fear factor! I'll pop the video clip and photos up once I get them onto the pc, my phone is playing up again.


We went around the mammals and marine section which Anna loved (again!) and she could run around looking at the animals through the glass. The life-sized animals in the main room were amazing as they were so large and the Blue Whale... deyond description i forget exactly how big they are in life sometimes. I don't think Anna could even comprehend or register the whale as it was probably outsie of her scope of vision and just looked like a big blue wall in her small eyes! We stopped at the cafe for a snack whcih amounted to a grand total of £8 between 2 of us so more of a brunch i think! 2 bottles of coke, a scone and a cookie... London extortion as always haha. Mum arived shortly after that and as Anna had missed her morning sleep we decided to walk out and around the block to send her off which worked a treat.

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