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BBC Upstaged  It's been a surreal month or so and I realise I… - Pole Kitten
March 31st, 2008
07:57 pm


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BBC Upstaged 

It's been a surreal month or so and I realise I haven't posted anything here in a little while. For the past 3 weeks life has revolved solely around the BBC3 program Upstaged for myself and our little group of Polekittens! Quick summary for posterity...

I entered Polekitten aka Pole Play into the competition through the BBC 3 weeks ago simply by registering a profile on their website. Within a week we were dancing around 2 X-Stages in a glass box in Bristol's Millennium Square... go figure! We basically had to compete against a box opposite us for the attention of the audience and the "act" with the most online votes went on to repeat the very same thing the following day against a brand new act. So anyway, I managed to rope in Robyn, SJ, Nuala and Jenni to join me on the Monday and much to our surprise we made it through to Day 2... then Day 3... then Day 4! The maximum number of days any "act" could stay in the box so we then qualified for the Quarter finals. We then won the Quarter Finals (oh yes, WON) and passed through to the Semi-Finals on the Friday night less than 2 weeks since we'd finished the heats!

Unfortunately the story pretty much ends there as we were knocked out in the Semi-Finals and, al-be-it by the overall winners of the competition, it was still pretty gutting after everything. Still it is a competition and it should be looked at in exactly that way. I'm thrilled with the fact we came so far and the people I got to meet this past week have been amazing, however I don't think marathon pole dancing will be repeated anytime soon! The act who won got a bit of bad press and I must say I kind of jumped on the bandwagon for a while mostly due to the dissapointement and the sudden loss of adrenaline I think reflecting on things. It's funny how easy it is to just go along with the crowd sometimes but in the end something one of them said to me just before the results made me realise I'd done just that.

Everyone who took part even for a full 6 hours in that show was amazing. They ALL put 100% effort into whatever they loved doing and that was just it, eacha nd every person involved in Upstaged was there to promote something they loved and were passionate about so who's to say that someone can't be just as passionate about sock puppets as dulcimer playing or vlogging as pole dancing? I know we had the skill to be able to win and I do know that the final winners reached the top because of the amount of online support but doesn't that just show exactly how many people out there love the same thing as them? Most acts had ONE skill they could use but this group of people used their brains and shared a multitude of skills that everyone could associate with so why shouldn't they win, they completed a total of 40 hours in the box, 4 more than the Polekittens (who incidentally completed more hours than ANYONE else apart from the winners! *cheers*) and I don't care who you are that is damn hard work. So to any doubters out there, watch the footage and get yourselves online there is a massive community on here so why not join it before you stick your noses up.

Finally, regarding the show... I'd rather regret something I'd done than something I haven't done... and I've never regretted anything yet!

General Life

Back to reality now I guess *sigh* it's always an anti-climax after one of these events but I'll definately keep my eyes open a little more often for things in the future. *nibbles on her Easter egg* I made some new friends over the past few weeks, hopefully I'll be able to find some of them through Myspace or here so I'll od a bit of a search over the next week if they don't find me first.

Me and Barry are still together, things keep getting complicated though. Anna's been poorly a lot and I'm permanently stresse with money and the business let alone Upstaged so it's probably not going as ogod as it should... I think I forget how confusing relationships can be when I'm not in one but then I never know what I want so I don't suppose I should know with any more certainty when I'm in a relationship than when I'm out of one! I guess I always thought that you'd just "know" when you met the right person but now I'm not so sure, maybe it doesn't work that way at all maybe it's more complicated than that and I'll never understand it! haha *sigh* Still, happy for now and it was good to have him there for support this week even if it made me more stressed sometimes rather than less!

Annalise is growing... a rather stupid statement I know but one I felt it neccessary to make! I wish she'd stop, I keep needing to replace her clothes when they get to short and she can now speak in sentences of up to 3 words which is scaring me let alone the fact she can now count to 10! She'll be graduating from University in 20 years (if it still exists) but God knows what as, probably an art students or something useful like that. I sound like my mother more every day!

I'm planning a trip to Flamingo Land as soon as I have some money together which will be fantastic! They have more rollercoasters there than any other theme park in the UK, I'm not so good on the spinny roundy roundy type rides, and if I drag enough people along on the road trip I should have at least one pari of hands for Anna on any rides I want to go on (which will no doubt be most in the park!). I think I'll post a message on Myspace and see if there are any takers.

I'm still planning "holidays" well in advance as usual. Back to Ireland next year I hope if not before Christmas and I'm still hoping to work on some new ideas for work for I can make enouhg money to go around the world in a few years. Murder Mysteries and Medieval Banquets are the main ones at the moment... we shall see, I nevver appear to run out of ideas even if they don't always work! haha

I mightt have a go at this Vlogging thing too. Although I'm not sure how interesting my life could realy be to anyone else! *giggles and stuffsin the last piece of egg*

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